Opinionated is a new advertising agency founded by creative director Mark Fitzloff, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Its purpose is to provide world-class “big idea” creative platforms and brand strategies in an increasingly commoditized industry once known for its ability to move hearts and change minds.

Mark Fitzloff


Mark began his career in the mid ‘90s, joining Wieden+Kennedy as a copywriter doing award-winning work for Nike. While working on Coca-Cola he found his true talent: breathing fresh life into iconic American brands and reminding us what we love about them. He extended that skill to Old Spice, creating a campaign that has gone on to be one of the funniest and most enduring in advertising.

In 2008, Mark was named executive creative director of Wieden’s largest office — its Portland headquarters. He became a partner in the firm soon after.

Under Mark’s leadership, the Portland office earned a reputation as the world’s most creative ad agency, being named Cannes Agency of the Year in 2011. Along the way Mark served as jury president at Cannes and was consistently named one of the most creative people in advertising, and one of the most award-winning creatives on Creativity’s Annual Awards Report.

In 2013, Mark took charge as global executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy, responsible for 1,600 employees, eight offices and creative work around the globe. Then, in his final year at the helm, Mark led the agency to once again being named Creativity’s agency of the year, with work for clients including Samsung and Verizon, while ensuring the agency had its best financial year on record.

In 2017 Mark founded Opinionated, his own agency based in Portland, Oregon.


Rob Palmer


Rob has been an Executive Creative Director at traditional and digital agencies as well CMO/CCO for one of fast company’s ‘Most Innovative Companies in the World’. While at Wieden+Kennedy he helped create one the most applauded and long lasting campaigns in advertising. ‘This is SportsCenter’ recently celebrated its four hundredth commercial in 2012 and is still going strong. It’s even a Harvard University Case study.

Experience at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, Chiat/Day and Razorfish has afforded Rob invaluable experience at some of the world’s best agencies while working on some of the world’s biggest brands. He helped successfully relaunch Apple, redefine eBay and got the world to reconsider Microsoft.

Rob is an Associate Professor at Art Center College of Design.


Trish Adams


Trish joined Opinionated in April 2018 as the agency’s President. A seasoned industry veteran, she’s worked in the ad world for longer than she’d like to admit, on both the agency and client sides of the business.

She joined Wieden+Kennedy in 1997 and ran accounts like Microsoft, Amazon.com, AOL, Belvedere/Chopin Vodka, Starbucks and P&G’s Eukanuba.

Prior to joining W+K, Trish spent three years in Japan heading up marketing communications throughout the Asia region for IBM. In January 2006 Trish returned to Japan as managing director of W+K Tokyo, where she was responsible for running the 70-person office and leading new business, agency operations and clients such as Nike, Google and PlayStation.

In January 2011 Trish returned to W+K Portland to run Target, where she led a team of 100 people across three offices, and then went on to lead accounts like Sony, American Express Open, Verizon and P&G’s global Olympics campaign.

She couldn’t be more excited to be part of what she believes is the agency model of the future – one that is nimble, understands the increasingly complex environment CMOs are facing, and values the power of creativity in solving clients’ business problems.


You’re a new CMO in a tech company that remains founder-led and engineer-focused. They’re suspicious of marketing, or, at best, indifferent. Meanwhile you’re a dyed-in-the-wool brand champion, working with people who don’t get it. You’re the stranger. And Silicon Valley is a very strange land.
You need someone to talk to.
You’re a discount retail brand. You’ve got to SELL, SELL, SELL! ROI is measured weekly, if not daily. So you need a lot of work and that work needs to work hard.
This is advertising, people. It’s not art. Let’s get sweaty.
Nobody knows. It’s utter chaos. No one can agree on anything. And the employees are starting to lose faith. What you need is a North Star. A brand compass setting that gets the internal troops marching in the same direction before they go out and conquer the world. Call in the manifesto writers!
Film, video, social, brand ID, customer experience, PR, design, media…welcome to marketing in the twenty-teens! Where anyone who says they’re full service either does it poorly or has a staff of thousands (and the price tag that goes with it). A better solution would be a small cross-discipline team that has the seniority, reputation, and hard-earned diplomacy skills to marshal a coalition of the willing. When it comes to coordinating diverse creative partners, fences make great neighbors.
You’re working in an organization where advertising isn’t exactly appreciated. Especially traditional advertising. You could get fired just for saying the words “TV commercial.” So people just say “online films” and call it a content strategy instead. The problem is the company isn’t growing fast enough. The digital-only strategy isn’t working. And the board is demanding results.
“What if we tried advertising?”, they say. “You know, just to see what it might look like?”
We know what it takes to be that guinea pig.
The company is jockeying for a big IPO next year. How can marketing contribute to the cause?
Dress you up in big-kid pants. Look professional, better yet, look SUCCESSFUL! Advertising isn’t just about selling product. It’s about selling confidence in a brand that’s going places.
Materials are due in exactly one month. And you’ve got nothing. There’s still time to walk away, sell the space. But the company needs this! Okay, don’t panic. We’ve been in worse situations. Call us and we’ll share someone else’s horror story with you so you’ll feel better. Then we’ll get to work.
You’ve got an in-house agency. And they’re great. They’re fast and efficient, and they know the company inside and out. Compared to them, we’re incredibly naïve. But isn’t creativity about connecting dots that haven’t been connected? For the big breakthrough creative ideas, your in-house agency still needs an outhouse. That’s where we come in. Stupidity is our strength!

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Partners from our past lives

Partners from our past lives


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